Milwaukee duo brings 'Hamlet A.D.D.' to life

Milwaukee duo brings 'Hamlet A.D.D.' to life
Over a Thanksgiving break, Swant ended up watching a cheesy BBC version of Shakespeare's farcical play "The Comedy of Errors" starring Who frontman Roger Daltrey in a couple of parts. A friend had rented it to prepare for a college exam. "It was just …
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How to Fix the Pro Bowl
The first weekend in February is more Amurrican than the 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Flag Day, Cinco de Mayo, and National Kazoo Day. … It's the type of idea that only the NFL and a couple of old white men would think could be interesting …
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Red Lobster Needs to Go Local or Die
Pre-DineEquity (DIN), Applebee's filled its walls with local high-school tchotchkes and made its case as a post-graduation, Thanksgiving Eve community meeting place. For years, Olive Garden's pitch was "When You're Here, You're Family. … It parent …

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