What non-traditional dishes do you have for thanksgiving?

Question by strawberry: What non-traditional dishes do you have for thanksgiving?
Is there anything that your household does differently on the traditional thanksgiving menu?

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Answer by Marielle
Sometimes we can take traditional dishes and fix them a different way. I’m a seasoned mom of 4 with 6 grandkids. For the first time I asked them to help me stuff the turkey. I had already bought the box of stove top turkey stuffing and I explained that part of it and then told them that each child could make one thing to put inside the turkey…. oh boy! Our stuffing had cake sprinkles, gummy bears, some mac & cheese and one lollipop! Those kids were so proud of their idea and to see how it came out of the turkey was priceless. The two kids that help clean the kitchen the most got to split the “wish bone” which had been pulled out, dried out and painted with non toxic acrylics.

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