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Thanksgiving Spread
thanksgiving recipes appetizers
Image by Hamburger Helper
Thanks to Jeff for remembering to take a picture, albeit after we’d eaten. I completely forgot to whip out my own iPhone before digging in. Normally I like to do Thanksgiving at my place but with my mom’s leg, I did the best I could in her limited kitchen. For some reason my mom doesn’t believe in chafing plates, serving platters, or baking dishes hence the disposable foil pans but I think I did a pretty good job considering.

The menu:
Roasted turkey breast with sage, rosemary, and thyme
Roasted boneless beef rib with jus and lime Argentina style
Chestnut and prune stuffing
Sausage and apple stuffing
Cinnamon roasted potatoes (recipe from NYT: )
Garlic mashed potatoes
Turkey jus
Roasted yams (purchased from a place that cooks them in an old fashioned wood stove, which makes them so delicious)
Creamed spinach and pearl onions
Sauteed green beans with brown butter and crushed hazelnuts
Butternut squash, cherry peppers, and Brussels sprouts roasted in olive oil with thyme

There were other things for appetizers but these dishes made up the main meal. And that wasn’t everything I had originally planned to cook! We had a lovely Zin from Mendocino which went really well with everything.

I’ve cooked whole birds before and I always find a simple marinade/brine is best. Since this year I was only doing a roast, I didn’t bother brining although it couldn’t have hurt. Here’s my recipe for a great and fool proof marinade:
salt and pepper
lemon juice
soy sauce (it’s not just for Asian cooking – it gives great depth of flavor and it allows meat to brown and develop lovely color when roasting)
whatever herbs you have on hand
olive oil

BTW, the NYT recipe for cinnamon roasted potatoes is excellent. While a cast iron pan will give you a great crust, I had to make do with a stainless steel pan that was only bottom clad and it still turned out great. The cinnamon is subtle but definitely lends a savory flavor. I had only planned on making mashed potatoes, but when I saw this recipe I had to do it because it was so easy and I already had an abundance of cinnamon sticks.

My Contribution to Thanksgiving
thanksgiving recipes appetizers
Image by Dalboz17
Caramelized Onion Dip with Cilantro-Garlic Pita Crisps
Recipe over here on Epicurious

parmesan puffs
thanksgiving recipes appetizers
Image by Rachel Smith
Delicious & easy! They can be bigger, but these are piped out of a ziploc bag with a pastry tip to make little kiss-sized appetizers. Recipe:

Wrestling Action Figures

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