Mastodon's Thanksgiving t-shirt and its problematic tongue-in-cheek genocide

Mastodon's Thanksgiving t-shirt and its problematic tongue-in-cheek genocide
Back in early November, Mastodon released the above shirt. I assume it was something for their fans to wear to Thanksgiving dinner, to provoke more conservative relatives into defending the increasingly ludicrous belief that the first Thanksgiving was …
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Stop Helping! Band Angers Natives With Shirt; Insists It's Pro-Native
The t-shirt depicts a smiling man in Pilgrim garb aiming a shotgun at a Native woman in skimpy clothing who is on her knees, wearing an expression of shock, and offering him a Thanksgiving turkey. In the wee hours of the morning on November 29, the day …
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Mastodon Address Controversial Thanksgiving T-Shirt, Talk New Live Record
The shirt in question is the group's take on Thanksgiving, showing a pilgrim pointing a gun at a native woman with a campy "Happy Thanksgiving" emblazoned over the yellow fabric. As recently reported, the shirt has upset many fans, who have called the …
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