Mariah Carey ”Interview 1997 with Tabitha Soren” Part 2 HQ (#Beautiful, Almost Home)

Video Rating: 5 / 5

Mariah Carey - Can't Let Go (MTV Unplugged)

20 years ago and still it gives me goosebumps. Amazing…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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37 Responses to Mariah Carey ”Interview 1997 with Tabitha Soren” Part 2 HQ (#Beautiful, Almost Home)

  1. vyperdash22 says:

    Patrique Evan McMillan. It was him, Billy T.Scott and Trey Lorenz that were
    her main backup singers back in the beginning of her career. Than they
    decided to change her sound and they changed her backup singers around
    music box era to Melonie Daniels and the Price sisters (+ a few extras that
    I don’t know their names) who you can see in the background of this video.
    Trey Lorenz eventually returned as her backup singer later on though, and
    is still there with her now.

  2. MariahYanez says:

    Mariah…you should definitely bring the choir back!!!! If not this next
    album, the album after that. Know what I mean, jelly bean?

  3. Phattz08 says:

    Now this is what I think of when I think Mariah…this shit be killin!!!!

  4. zusman84 says:

    Amazing vocal control 🙂

  5. filotz says:

    thank you very much vyperdash22 for the information…

  6. majadiva federiz says:

    i really love that time when mariah used to sing with her back up vocals
    and with the band and not with the pre recorded back ups…

  7. wil25z says:

    Is that Melanie Daniels as one of her backgrounds?! Amazing…. I miss this
    Mariah… She seemed so much more humble back then.

  8. miamivicepastels83 . says:

    this has 0 thumbs down, and you better know it

  9. Jonathan Cullen says:

    And with the piano in the background i feel chills all over

  10. myall861 says:

    I absolutely wallow in their songs. Mariah & Walter. Two glorious souls in

  11. filotz says:

    what is the name of the guy with Trey Lorenz? i saw him from Mariah’s debut
    album performances until emotions…. in music box era, i don’t see him
    anymore…where was he now?

  12. James Twigg says:

    No it wasn’t. This performance is just perfect! My ultimate Mariah
    performance ever!

  13. Jimmy Conway says:

    that wouldn’t go well lol

  14. AMCF Y says:

    oh yeah Mariah! LOVE her

  15. musicandhearts23 says:

    I wish she would come back and do an unplugged like this!

  16. SuperBiggurl1 says:

    Back in the day when she wasnt so prissy looking n fancy she was dte and
    soulful i loved her right up until her daydream album,after that i couldnt
    be bothered…it was dissapointing the songs shes brought out after that

  17. Ramon Anciro says:

    Truly one of my favorite songs and video.. one of the first I downloaded..
    God bless Mariah Carey.. ^^,

  18. myall861 says:

    Wonderful. I love this unplugged version.

  19. Rhianna Barr says:

    MariahYenes- the choir is Mariah singing back up dub tracks

  20. Ha JaeEung says:

    Mariah Carey – Can’t Let Go


  21. Anfani says:

    Look at Kelly in the background

  22. elijah hopkins says:

    Such vocial control!!!

  23. Des Headland says:

    “on the spur of the movement”…wouldn’t be possible now as she’d have to
    arrange the lip sync tracks. If only we could have old Mariah

  24. Phattz08 says:

    Golden Age Mariah. Love this song.

  25. Macarena Andrea Quero Rodríguez says:

    cant let go <3

  26. trn17 says:

    Does anyone know what remix Mariah was talking about hearing? And who was
    she talking about when she said “my wife is on!” ? Anybody can feel me in
    that would be nice.

  27. ipodchico7 says:

    During the end: Awwww! Poor, Mariah. =(

  28. Prisoner78 says:

    Hi. The Remix is the “Honey – David Morales Classic Mix”. And she doesn’t
    say “My wife is on”, she said:” My Wiper is on”. Hope i could help you.

  29. trn17 says:

    Thank You! I appreciate it 🙂

  30. Nayth Moore says:

    Great interview thanks for posting! At the end Mariah looks like you do
    when you’re in the room when your friends getting yelled at by thier
    parents lol

  31. Michael Jay says:


  32. Queen Slayriah says:

    Mariah driving a jag

  33. silvercord2018 says:

    was that comment at the end directed toward Mariah or the other guy she was
    talking to…lol… I’d been looking all over for this and I found it.

  34. lovespree86 says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting this!!!! Haha I love the end … L4L! xx

  35. Markiss Bello says:

    can i look like her

  36. vangoghmatisse1 says:

    Mariah hair is so flawless blowing in the wind. She ROCKS!!!!!

  37. Eljaye Lj says:

    7:58 – 9:06 Mariah: o_o’