Happy at Last: The Miraculous Power of Generosity in Life, Love and Success Reviews

Happy at Last: The Miraculous Power of Generosity in Life, Love and Success

Happy at Last: The Miraculous Power of Generosity in Life, Love and Success

So, how long have you wanted to be happy?

Think back to when you were young. You could never have asked yourself such a question. Being happy did not exist because you were happiness.

This means that along the way you’ve lost something (or gained something) that has clouded your natural state.

Too many people grow up and fight through life thinking authentic happiness is just around the corner. All too often it dances around them like a shadow, only to disappear when the lights are out and they find themselves alone.

The meaning of life for most people is to accumulate and hoard. They’re blind to the dangers, only beginning to realise that it doesn’t bring them what they want – and never will – when it’s too late.

Does this sound like you? Do you shut the door in the evening, wipe the smile from your face, and wonder desperately what real happiness feels like?

The task of this book is to answer that question, and to provide a clear, simple path that anyone can follow on the road to claiming back your happiness.

This book can help you

Inside, you’ll discover:

• Why you’re so unhappy and why you’re not to blame for any of it
• How your habits have you caught in a maze and how to change them
• Biblical quotations and teachings from spiritual masters that, if you’re ready, can transform you
• How synchronicity is the creative driving force of the universe and the source of your happiness, and how you can begin to recognise it
• Simple, practical meditations and techniques that require no quiet time and can go on automatically throughout daily life, bringing about rapid spiritual progress and leaving you free to do what you want

99% of spiritual books fail because they focus on the incomprehensible. From abstract terms like living in the moment to the meaning of life, they don’t focus on the innermost goal of the quest – being happy. From the teachings of spiritual masters to the case of Ebeneezer Scrooge, all the way to the consequences of random acts of kindness and goodwill, this book will light the way to a bolder, more fulfilling life.

Are you ready to embark upon the most dangerous adventure of them all and claim back your happiness?

For info on the author, go here: http://amzn.to/14JB2Vp


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