How to plan a perfect thanksgiving day?

thanksgiving invitation ideas
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Question by Amelie: How to plan a perfect thanksgiving day?
Well every year we all gather together and celebrate thanksgiving day, we always do it at my grandmas house its pretty and everything but theres no room for all of us togehter(35 people) so we always end up eating on rounds or some of us on the couch.After all this year I really want tmake something beautiful. I want to do it at my back yard and rent the chairs and everything.. I want to decorate everything really beautiful and even send invitations… ANY ideas??????

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Answer by April
that all sounds great have it in your back yard like you said with the rented table and chairs have them covered with table clothes and decorate it nice like you said…and just have the big meal outside…have everyone bring a dish or dessert, or you can cook it all..however you like…what youve said so far sounds good..good luck

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