Can My Realestate Company Do This?

Question by LivinLife: Can My Realestate Company Do This?
Currently my husband and I are renting a house through Century 21 Champion and the lease agreements says we can pay our rent in Cash or Certified funds. I called them yesterday to ask if I could pay them in Cash and they refused. Even though I explained to them it was in the Agreement and they signed it.

Can they really do this since it is a contract and they signed it? If they cannot do this, what can I do about it?

FYI if anyone is moving to Jacksonville NC do NOT rent from these people or buy a house from them. I am not the only person having problems with them here. They are jerks.

Thank you guys for answering! 🙂

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Answer by Christopher B
The short answer is… if it is in the contract, they they are obliged to honor it.

Frankly, it is worth it to make a big deal about though? You can make a certified check at your bank for all of $ 5, or make a money order at Walmart for all of $ .50.

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