The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t (part 1 of 2).mpg

The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t is not forgotten. In the days when adults were children tv specials such as this will always be remembered. This special,…
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25 Responses to The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t (part 1 of 2).mpg

  1. jwatwater says:

    Cartoon Networ is such garage now, how can they NOT show this?

  2. orbital151 says:

    I have watched this pretty much every Thanksgiving that I can remember. I
    enjoy it. I am 17.

  3. mezipe64 says:

    I absolutley love the music in this special.

  4. Kitsuneranger says:

    @Ilikequiche101 Boomerang still airs this

  5. metallica708 says:

    Oh. My. God! I know it’s about a month too late to be getting the idea to
    look this up on Youtube, but thank you so much for posting it. Haven’t seen
    this in years!

  6. Jay Sexton says:

    Is it my imagination or does the little squirrel sound like Sherman on Mr.

  7. nightmuffin937 says:

    I havent seen this since 2004. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  8. Irene Alfiya says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Btybooo says:

    I was a little kid when this came out thanks for the great memories I still
    love it

  10. Jennifer Lundgren says:

    Thank you so much for posting!

  11. Julia Arsenault says:

    I love that special!

  12. terbear8 says:

    never seen this before so ty my thanksgiving is a dud we never get together
    for anything anymore it sux so im trying to cheer self up by watching stuff

  13. orbital151 says:

    I am 19 and I grew up watching this every year. My dad and I still watch it
    every year.

  14. Ira Sutton says:

    Can’t wait till Thanksgiving!

  15. Geoff Oliver says:

    This special was just released to DVD: as a bonus feature on the “Casper’s
    Halloween Special” DVD from Warner Archive.

  16. Tina Noland says:

    @5:02 Ya know, that’s the first mark of a serial killer.

  17. Amir McDaniel says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! ☺

  18. Alex Lemonds says:

    Gosh father squirrel i am rather curious as to where exactly this alliance
    progressed. Oh yeah… we dominated and massacred an innocent people who
    incapable of opposing us equally. Never forget. Never forget.

  19. Libertee Belle says:

    Some people wanna take these posts too seriously. They were made to make
    people watching feel good. A little happy family/friend time. It’s not
    like they were made to give 100% accuracy to history in the storyline. I
    think that ship sailed (LOL – pun intended) when squirrels began talking.
    They make you feel good. So chill out and save all those PC comments for
    The History Channel et al. Thanks for this post. Brings back such great
    memories. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, people and all critters, large
    and small. Real or animated. Love Thanksgiving day – It means Christmas
    is just around the corner. Guess what, I love those specials too.
    Especially the cartoonish ones . . .

  20. Samantha Cotter says:

    Happy TG !

  21. Enterthedarkness23 says:

    The best Thanksgiving tv special ever. That Thanksgiving Day song is so
    awesome. I always loved it as a kid and still do. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  22. joe hill says:

    This is a classic! it was a co-production of Hanna-Barbera and the now
    Avco Embassy Television,and was released in Fall 1972. this was what REAL
    Family viewing and values were like back then,and Hanna-Barbera sure did
    their best to live-up to that image,as compared to the unsightly rubbish

  23. Blakefe says:

    seeing all that food is making me hungry

  24. metallica708 says:

    Best Thanksgiving special ever! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  25. comicbookking says:

    I can’t prove it yet but there is a voice during the main song and
    especially when he says “don’t tell me your bellys achin'” and “i’m
    starvin'” that sounds so much like Thurl Ravenscroft; the voice behind
    “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” and Tony the Tiger. Any comments?