Q&A: Can i take an infant on a cruise?

Question by Sierra J: Can i take an infant on a cruise?
Every year my family and I take a Thanksgiving cruise. I’m due on October 15. Is it okay to take a 1 month on a cruise?

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Answer by Pippin
Cruise lines vary in their rules. You’d need to check with yours. I believe that most (if not all) do not allow babies that young to cruise.

But I would be thinking VERY hard about planning any sort of vacation (especially one that you have to plan and reserve months in advance) that soon after baby is born. You have no idea exactly when baby will arrive, or if you’ll have a c-section, or if baby will be colicky, fussy, etc.

I would probably plan your vacation for later in the year, and maybe skip the cruise and try something on dry land this year.

EDIT: Randomly checking a few lines, Disney requires babies to be 3 months — RCL seems to have a minimum of 6 months.

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