Cool Traditions Of Thanksgiving images

Some cool traditions of thanksgiving images:

Thanksgiving Day
traditions of thanksgiving
Image by Simonds
We have a tradition on Thanksgiving morning. My brother and I take our kids and dogs as high up as we can go on forest service roads. This year was perfect. We had low clouds that allowed us to drive to a beautiful sunny day even though it was a cloudy at the house. We had very little snow allowing us to get further than we usually do. This shot is of Pyramid Peak with low clouds that are covering up Lake Chelan. Shot is taken from Cooper Mountain.

Canon 10D, 70-200mm L, f/11, 1/60

Thanksgiving 08
traditions of thanksgiving
Image by alamosbasement
we found this bottle of rosemary from 1979! it’s almost as old as i am! it has been through two moves and somehow never got thrown away.

so we started a new holiday tradition: hide the rosemary. we’re weird.

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