What is the best place to rent an apartment in Abu Dhabi?

Question by InSearchOfLight: What is the best place to rent an apartment in Abu Dhabi?
I would appreciate your advice on the best place to rent an apartment in Abu Dhabi.

My most important factors are :
(a) Safe / pleasant environment ( for family )
(b) Wheelchair accessible

Please also indicate the price range if you know.

Finally, is it worthwhile to rent fully furnished or semi ?

Thanks in advance.

Best answer:

Answer by H
One of the best places would be places like Al Bateen or Mangrove village (but expensive).

In general I would advise you not to be to picky, the demand on accommodation is still high.
Safe – I would say everywhere, pleasant enviroment – do not move to any place offered on Electra (Sheikh Zayed the 1st) or Hamdan Street.

Please be aware that Abu Dhabi’s streets and walk ways are not made for wheelchairs at all. Also in many high rises you have to get up a couple of steps reaching the elevator.

If possible look for something outside of Abu Dhabi like on Airport Road, Khalifa City A & B or Shahama.

Please visit the link giving below, put in your requests/wishes, rent, etc. and see what comes around:

Fully furnished appartments are more expensive. Relocating with a family member in a wheelchair, you have to set your priorities.

Price range depends on the size, location and how old/new the building is. You didn’t give any infos. Neither how big your family is, nor who is the one in the wheelchair and what’s your budget for the rent.

In case you need any more info, please do not hesitate to email me.

Take care.

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