How much does it cost to get a realestate license in Los Angeles?

Question by Justin: How much does it cost to get a realestate license in Los Angeles?
From scratch how much does it cost. I have the oppurtunity to do property management in Los Angeles but don’t have a license (which i have to get) but I am pretty poor right now.

also how long would it take? to take all the classes etc. I already have a BS in economics but just need to be able to get the license.

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Answer by kemperk
the cost to get a real estate license while located in any city
in the US, is rather similar–the app is about $ 75 for sales people,
the school is about $ 150 for a private school, and the test is about
$ 75.

Takes about 3 weeks to attend all the classes. YOU must pass
the school test first and NEVER try to do that course work
on line.

the tests are scheduled about every week of the year.

WHILE you are preparing, call property management firms
or real estate companies. IF you only want to do PM,
a PM can hire you. [small salary or commission per
unit sold–while working under a broker or in some
cases no broker–salaried people need no broker if hired
by a PM firm]

any further data, get hold of me
[born in LA County, Calif]

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