Jennifer Lopez – Live It Up (Live Britain’s Got Talent)

Jennifer Lopez performing new single ‘Live It Up’ live on Britain’s Got Talent 28th May 2013.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 with Interchangeable Lens

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25 Responses to Jennifer Lopez – Live It Up (Live Britain’s Got Talent)


    Outfit was gorgeous. Love it And love her

  2. Arkadiusz Bal says:


  3. mcwarhol17 says:

    Werk mama!!!!! Luv her fierce

  4. Ruis Val says:

    That outfit is outrageous and doesn’t go with her, She’s definitely not
    Iris Chacon/Beyonce…

  5. Maison Cote Vancouver says:

    She look fantastic,

  6. gnads1 says:

    Are you playing the race card here? Fuck off you twat.

  7. mysticgirl1000 says:

    it’s the Tea Party and the religious rightwing “critiquing” you can tell by
    the provincial statements about the art of dance and about costumes. people
    who have no contact with any culture whatsoever other than country tunes.
    and even in that genre they’re out of the loop, since people like Rhimes
    are doing kind of edgy stuff for the genre.

  8. Tigerwillkickyourass says:

    Silly me … I clicked on the video expecting to hear music. All I got were
    lights, noise and some kind of striptease-like dance.

  9. xuân lê thị says:

    my tam on youtube

  10. YaValioCacaWates M says:

    I could work with that! I wish she was my cougar momma.

  11. Rob Daniel says:

    Dynamic!! So what, ban children from going to beaches then, and swimming
    pools, waterslides, just in case a girl, a woman or a guy puts on, or
    takes, off, their bathers? Beaches are for families too and people walk
    around half naked. Nothing to see or complain about here …

  12. Hector Medina says:

    Love her better in black !!! But its the same show as in the billboard
    awards ;(

  13. only_nicki_fans says:

    She a Puerto rican alright 😉

  14. Jerod Day says:

    Britney could learn some lessons on lipping. Jennifer does it right. We all
    know she is pitchy when she sings live and doesn’t dance. Proof right on
    here.. Check SNL. But she uses her mic right to holler to the audience. Se
    also makes sure to have her mic at the end of her performances to hear her
    breathing heavy.

  15. Georgia Tsarmadi says:


  16. HemiHead66 says:

    Yeah, there was plenty of crappy music in the 60’s & 70’s. But you won’t
    find as many kick-ass bands today as there was back then. As a matter of
    fact, I don’t think you’ll ever find that much kick-ass music released in
    such a short period of time again.

  17. HemiHead66 says:

    This shit bites.. And J. Lo’s twat isn’t even hanging out. You can’t trust
    the media to tell the truth about anything anymore.

  18. Jonathan Paulin says:

    I don’t disagree with you. Although there’s a shit ton of music coming out
    of everywhere today, and in the near future we’ll be able to curate and
    organize it better, we might actually finds tons of great music then. The
    problem is the radio stations don’t have DJs anymore, they all play the
    same marketing approved setlist, generated by an algorithm based on social
    engineering and shit like that. So the good music isn’t heard by the
    mainstream audience, and get’s buried under commercial crap

  19. MuZ LimPz says:

    pre-recorder audio

  20. Roy Cesar says:

    yo no veo nada malo en este show de jennifer lopez a ella la veo hermosa ,
    impecable , los ingleses han sido toda la historia saqueadores de países y
    esclavisadores de la humanidad y ahora se hacen los ofendidos y muy
    correctos !!!

  21. Jonathan Paulin says:

    It’s not, it’s just an illusion. There was plenty of crappy music in the
    60s and 70s, we just happen to remember the good songs.


    Excelente Jennifer!!!! No vi nada extraño en ésta presentación. Tiene un
    físico envidiable. ¿Será que los británicos no tienen hermosas mujeres y
    con buen físico como las latinas? ¿Será envidia de las inglesas? Qué gente
    amarga, les falta la chispa de la vida!!! Una presentación impecable,
    luces, voz, movimientos!Nunca vieron unas buenas nalgas? jaaa déjense de
    embromar!! Habiendo hecho cosas tan terribles como robar tierras! Se
    asustan de esto? Y traduzcan no escribiré en inglés.Viva Argentina.

  23. petc says:

    i thought it was amazing. she looks better than most 20yr old supermodels
    do. she works on stage with all that energy, and you can tell shes singing
    live since its nothing like the itunes cut. amazing! keep it up jlo and
    dont listen to ppl who could only wish to be you!

  24. MrJcamp87 says:

    like you have any talent besides hating on successful woman

  25. Mariana Dias says:

    Gorgeous 40’s woman