Who are some female vocalists who peaked early in their careers?


Question by STRAUSSIAN: Who are some female vocalists who peaked early in their careers?
For example, critics agree that Mariah Carey’s two best albums were her first two – “Mariah Carey” from 1990, and “Emotions,” from 1991. After that, the quality of her albums and songs went way downhill.

Who are some other female vocalists who peaked early (in terms of musical quality)?

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Answer by We Are The Fire (MCMG)
Angela Gossow, of Arch Enemy

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5 Responses to Who are some female vocalists who peaked early in their careers?

  1. Vertical says:

    Nellie Furtato, Sarah McLaughlin, Alannis Morisette, Sinead O`Connor, Gwen Stefannie, Alanna Myles, Bjork … the list goes all the way back even to Billie Holiday, Judy Garland & a host of other greats. Some sold out to the pop culture, others caved to mental illness ie. drugs or death.

    I was never a Mariah Carey fan but she does have a voice that could have done amazing things. So easy for someone like me to say who never had a vocal instrument to begin with.

    Some artists sign with the wrong managers. That`s the bottom line. They can have the greatest voice & all the best intentions but … the manager unfortunately makes the calls. They have the final say in recording labels, contracts & content. The true savvy artist makes no legal, or binding contract with a manager that doesn`t have the artists` best interests at heart. In the world of business, a real manager / agent ensures the client is able to continue evolving as an artist. It provides them & the artist with a steady viable source of income. If it means moving the client to another company & being able to continue exploring the vocalist`s repetoire, then that`s what the true dedicated manager does. Unfortunately there are far too many inscrutable `managers`out there. They want the big bucks fast. They don`t think about the artist at all. They just want to capitalize on whatever commodity they`re handling.

  2. Spears says:

    Janet Jackson…
    After the ’90 the album sales went to 25-30 million to 5-15 million…
    All because of the downloading!

  3. Alex says:

    Hayley Williams of Paramore.

  4. Kittenenn says:

    Britney Spears
    Jessica Simpson
    Ashley Simpson
    Hilary Duff

  5. Mr. Wildflowers says:

    Most of them.