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David Schirmer shows how you can create wealth and retire in after just 15years of work or much less even if you are on a very small wage, working a normal j… Creating Multiple Streams of Residual Income (How to Create Wealth) How to Grow Rich I came across a book the other day …
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  1. can you tell me where to get the full dvd set?

  2. Here’s a good wealth-creation strategy: CHILDREN & LAND. If a couple has five kids & buys 250 acres, then a house is built on the acreage for each of their kids who also marry & have five kids, and so on – in 100 years there could be 5,000 descendants in 600 families, with a quarter-acre block for each household. And no-one had to borrow money to buy the land for their home, except for the original couple. Nearly half a billion dollars in interest could be saved. They can influence their Shire.

  3. You may be out the money for the land, but they would still be out the money to build the homes, unles 5000 are going to live in the one house, But I mean hey, 5000 ate a few fish and a couple loaves one time, so I guess stranger things have

  4. Each descendant could start by building a simple one-bedroom dwelling, if necessary – and then add bedrooms one-at-time as each of their babies comes along. They ought to be able to pay cash for each stage. Money should seldom need to be borrowed. At the end of 100yrs, there could be 600 houses, each with six bedrooms, all paid for in cash. The main obstacle might be Council witholding building approvals.