Which of these cities is cheapest to live in: Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney?

Question by Reynaldi: Which of these cities is cheapest to live in: Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney?
Just in terms of stuff like transport, food, entertainment, housing.

I’m thinking of studying abroad in one of those cities for a year so it would be helpful to have some info – thanks a lot

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Answer by Iron Clad 122333
Sydney’s expensive, I know that much. My train fare for a student to Sydney and return (2 hour trip) is $ 4.40. Also the 3 bedroom house I’m in would cost about the same in rent for a 2 bedroom apartment in Sydney.

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5 Responses to Which of these cities is cheapest to live in: Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney?

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  2. arokh72 says:

    I’ll break it down in the terms you have framed your question.

    Transport: Brisbane, Sydney then Melbourne. Also Sydney has the most extensive rail network of all 3 cities. Also, even though Sydney is plagued by issues, it’s not as a bad as Melbourne as Melbourne’s transport is privately owned and all they worry about is the bottom line.

    Food: Overall all 3 cities are pretty much equal in pricing. However Sydney and Melbourne have both Aldi and Cost Co which are cheaper grocery options.

    Entertainment: Also pretty much equal among all 3 cities, however Sydney and Melbourne generally have more live shows than Brisbane.

    Housing: Brisbane is the cheapest, followed by Melbourne then Sydney. The difference between Melbourne and Sydney housing is pretty much insignificant these days.

    Keep in mind climate as well. Brisbane has a similar climate to Miami, Sydney similar to San Francisco and Melbourne is pretty unqiue, but is the coldest in winter. Size wise Brisbane is the smallest with Sydney and Melbourne being of similar size, though Sydney is slightly larger and certainly more spread out.

    To get an idea for housing costs have a look at the 3 following links:




  3. lezbats says:

    I would say:
    Brisbane – cheapest
    Melbourne – second most expensive in all of Australia – clothes and groceries are way more expensive here.
    Sydney – most expensive in all of Australia. – housing prices are insane here if you want to live even remotely close to the city.
    Hope I helped!

  4. Greg S says:

    all 3 cities are expensive. brisbane is the least expensive

  5. Mark G says:

    Brisbane is the cheapest of those 3 to live in and has less polution and overcrowding. Everything is cheaper in Brisbane. Sydney is very definitely the most expensive, while Melbourne is all about yuppies and expensive shops.

    Go to Brisbane !