Rollin In The Deep – Adele Cover by Young the Giant

Young the Giant’s cover of Adele’s “Rollin In The Deep”, recorded live on BBC Radio 2 with Dermet O’Leary. Love this band. Check out more of their music here…


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25 Responses to Rollin In The Deep – Adele Cover by Young the Giant

  1. LifeWithLou13 says:

    YTG Adele

  2. webhead0511 says:

    His voice reminds Paolo Nutini.

  3. mrMetalH3aD says:


  4. Joseph Coyle says:


  5. BraidedTwist says:

    Hey, I recommend that you listen to dirtyloops’ rendition of this song as well. I believe that it is arguably the best one in existence, although YTG’s cover is nice too.

  6. ZoeMarie14 says:

    I loooove Francois’s and Eric’s voices in this. Oh em gee.

  7. Elizabeth Miller says:

    Obviously not smart enough to realize that the original comment was a joke. 😛

  8. Neville Shortyshorts says:

    I didn’t think he was gonna hit that high note, then he nailed

  9. KukiRebel says:

    I love YTG but this cover is Not Better than the Original. Its a good Cover but Not Better than ADELE

  10. disneymusic92 says:

    Jesus… why do people have to be so mean and judgmental these days? I’m not a ‘stupid fuck’ just because I don’t get a joke. People see things differently. I at first thought that Youtuber was a little slow but then I was like Oh, funny. I’m telling you, this isn’t WWIII. Chill out. I think I am allowed to listen to Young The Giant if I want to. I like them, I think we should all be able to like them without being called ‘cunts’.

  11. aliceluvyou says:

    I love this!! Nice job on the high notes ;D

  12. T-Man242 says:

    this cover makes me actually not sick of this song. I mean it’s a great song but it got worn out.

  13. Yastonnue Dee says:

    Ewwwww YUCK!! FUCK NO!!
    NOT Adele, NOT her, man!!
    you guys are BETTER than this! YOU ARE THE ROCK HORRORS!

  14. jdj92993 says:


  15. Nadia May says:


  16. strawberryswisher213 says:

    This is by far the best cover of this song. The go radio version comes close, but not really lol

  17. DarthPrime71 says:

    Excellent making it your own version! It works, great job. 😉

  18. DownrightDarius says:

    He really made this song his own. Mostly by just belting the words instead of throwing on the standard vibratto that comes standard with most rolling in the deep covers. Very interesting.

  19. diana marie says:

    wish I could watch him sing this. sooo goood!!!

  20. Owais Ansari says:


  21. Emily Potter says:

    :’) I love them

  22. Madelaine Rodríguez says:

    You are THE BEST!!!!!! *.*

  23. cherrypie414 says:

    I love this version and the cover Go Radio did.

  24. wombear47 says:

    An American Paolo Nutini.

  25. webhead0511 says:

    I agree =]