Adele – Skyfall (Lyrics) James Bond 007 Theme Song

Adele – Skyfall (Lyrics) James Bond 007 Theme Song.

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22 Responses to Adele – Skyfall (Lyrics) James Bond 007 Theme Song

  1. shawn reed says:

    you love it to thats awesome but this song is the best

  2. shawn reed says:

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  4. jack greene says:

    I <3x100 this song

  5. McKenna Crockett says:

    Hey everyone! Please check out my cover to this song! I would appreciate it! Please subscribe! 🙂

  6. MinerlyCrafted says:

    love is love

  7. jeremy luque says:


  8. jeremy luque says:


  9. TheHRSproductions says:

    ok let me marry my dog

  10. MinerlyCrafted says:


  11. BlackAndWhiteScout says:

    Comparing beastiality to what happens between two men or women. I’m not even gonna bother pointing of the flaws in that argument. Why does it bother you, what happens between two consenting adults? How does it affect you personally? It doesn’t, you’re just a ignorant individual influenced by your peers and your upbringing.

  12. TheHRSproductions says:

    ok i wanna marry my dog does it bother you?? no so let me, your being just as ignorant

  13. MinerlyCrafted says:

    you don’t want to, you’re being sarcastic and trying to compare homosexuality to bestiality.

  14. BlackAndWhiteScout says:

    The more that this goes on the less I see you as a fully functional being. Of course it’s a lie, you were just bringing it up as a harsh comparison but nonetheless you will deny it being a lie. How am I being just as ignorant when I see that people, who can give or withhold consent at their whim, are different than dogs, who can be trained and forced into such situations. Also: *You’re, a severe lack of you being able to use the shift-bar, and you just come off as a real dumbass.

  15. TheHRSproductions says:

    first of all its youtube who cares about grammar…I love my dog with all my heart

  16. shawn reed says:

    im awesome and i love music music is the best

  17. Jonas Clark says:

    Gay people aren’t a slippery slope towards bestiality, pedophilia, polygamy, etc. Straight marriages are only legal between two consenting adult humans, and gay people want marriage between two consenting adult humans.

  18. Jonas Clark says:

    Absolutely a Bond movie song, in style and vibe. Exactly the kind of music that fits these films, which need and deserve a theatrical and atmospheric opening theme.

  19. MinerlyCrafted says:

    What the actual fuck are you talking about?
    First you say “love is when you feel for someone”, and that means a guy could have feelings for a guy or a girl have feelings for a girl, then you say that it’s between a man and a woman.

  20. shawn reed says:

    its called awesome sex duh

  21. Aeolis7 says:

    This song is as good as any classic Bond song.

  22. Lexington73300 says:

    I think this may well be the best Bond song ever.