You Can Close Your Eyes-Kina Grannis AJ Rafael

You Can Close Your Eyes-Kina Grannis AJ Rafael

this is a cover of a cover. the original is by James Taylor and we were inspired to do this because of Brooke Fraser’s cover of this song on her new album Fl…

song : fix you – kina grannis. picture : from [ Lyrics ] : When you try your best, but you don’t succee…

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29 Responses to You Can Close Your Eyes-Kina Grannis AJ Rafael

  1. miss2gabii says:

    I love this song!!!!:D Thanks for the video(:

  2. itszMaheax3 says:

    haha, me too! and no problem. c:

  3. FierceTigerRAWR says:

    So pretty!

  4. Carmen Lin says:

    thanks for videoooo 😀

  5. Britt S says:

    hands down one of my favourite duets done by AJ 🙂

  6. honey87west says:


  7. honey87west says:

    Utterly gorgeous

  8. honey87west says:

    Utterly gorgeous 

  9. earl pido says:

    omg james taylor

  10. edbapemo says:

    That was oh so good. WOW!

  11. Onnieca Papin says:

    woahwoahwoah 🙂

  12. Kristen1314 says:

    Kina reminds me of Katniss. :P

  13. ahmed adil says:

    @kinagrannis : Would you Marry me <3 <3

  14. AlmostDamian says:

    i would marry her <3

  15. AlmostDamian says:

    3:06 Aj says “what the fuck” ahaha. first time ive heard him cuss xD

  16. MrRiches75 says:

    Kina Grannis is so beautiful!

  17. Filchmeister says:

    I dream of the day when our generation actually knows who an amazing artist like James Taylor is. Sadly, I’m sure most people watching this video don’t know him. And if you do, thumbs up so I know! Great cover, great to see young people singing this song.

  18. StrawhatxLuffy says:

    kina <3
    she always smiles so much when she's singing (not the sad songs though, of course)
    and always looks so beautiful when she smiles 🙂

  19. StrawhatxLuffy says:

    what’s with that btw 🙂
    I always hear people talking about her earrings and she always matches them wrong and all that XD
    explain it to me? :p

  20. barboanais says:

    And marie digby ?!

  21. folkmusicgirl says:

    Very, very nice cover! Do you know the song, “This Dimming of the Day?” by British folk singer, Richard Thompson? It’s a great song and really nice to harmonize on.
    You can hear Richard Thompson and his ex-wife Linda sing it here on Youtube. Quite a few covers of others singing it as well.

  22. megiecady03 says:

    I think they already have. Called ISA. Correct me if im wrong.(:

  23. Becky kim says:

    amazingly talented people :] you guys are an inspiration to me~ thank you :]

  24. Patriciadas says:

    Did we get it?

  25. lostalex77 says:

    For Cherish, Happy Birthday! <333

  26. Breanna Lacson says:

    in ISA, it wasn’t all of them in one show, and I believe they haven’t done an Asian tour yet 🙂

  27. Marsz Arroyo says:

    when that happens, I WILL DIE IF I DON’T HAVE TICKETS!!!!

  28. Kelly Cheng says:

    love you guys so much

  29. Antonio Jefferson says:

    Words cannot express how excited I would be for that..