What to do when no one takes my sons insurance?

Question by alee: What to do when no one takes my sons insurance?
My son has Aetna Better Health (not Aetna better health kids) I got Aetna thru CHIP a few months back and cant find a pediatrician who takes his insurance… I looked online found out no one in a 50 mile radius takes his insurance.. no pediatricians no family physicians not even the local urgent care takes this sh*t insurance…… Every number I try to call on Compass are too busy and tell me to call again later…. this has been going on for DAYS…… my first question why the hell does no one take this insurance two what do I do now…. I want him on a different insurance but I don’t even know where to start…..
By the way im a full time working mother going to school so anyone who thinks im just taking handouts can go F**k yourself.

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Answer by Go with the flow
If this is insurance through work, and Aetna has not offered you a replacement doctor, call HR. They need to know.

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