Q&A: How do I get in the commercial real estate industry?

Question by Tosin o: How do I get in the commercial real estate industry?
I am 22 years old and looking to get in the commercial real estate industry, preferably the leasing aspect. What would be fundamentally required for a person as young as me to be even considered for a job in a large commercial real estate firm? Considering I have a real estate agents license, what else would be needed or would interest a company in hiring someone so young? In other words, how can I get my foot in such an industry, thus giving me a chance to work my way up?

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Answer by kemperk
You did not volunteer where you are but
I am betting 95% of the commercial offices
in any city will welcome you.

Make sure you are studying business and
esp commercial real estate during your spare

If you are in AZ, I will hire you immediately.

Remember, there is a HUGE difference
between working for a “company” as an
employee and a real estate office
where you are a 100% commissioned

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