How do you take care of a dusky salamander?

Question by hollingsworthmusic: How do you take care of a dusky salamander?
I found a dusky salamander near my home in a polluted stream. I wanted to know the best way to care for him until I can get him to a cleaner area. What sort of tank to set up, what to feed him, etc. Thanks!

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Answer by SPend_day
hey sorry if this is a bit breif or missing some info but its 8.50 am here in the good old uk and im knackered and waiting to start work lol (feel free to email me about anything your unsure of)

Dusky salamander is a lungless salamander which mean A: they only breath through there skin B: there skin needs to be wet to breath.

they are a semi aqautic species so you looking at a set up something like this
15-20 gallon tank minimum

1/2 land 1/2water the water should be spring water or tap water treaded with an aqaurium grade water treatment (u can get this from most pet stores) it should be filtered with a low power filter to avoid any strong currents and the water shouldn’t be 2 deep (max about 4 inches) and have an easy way like a slope or some driftwood/ironwood/monkeywood out also aquatic plants (real or fake) should be added to make hiding places

land section should be covered in orgainic potting soil (no fertilizers or pestisides) that has been microwaved for 1min or eco earth (also call coco humus or coco coir) leaf mulch (if from outside microwave) or moss make some hideing places for it

keep as cool as possible 16-21C degrees are the best temps but they can go up to 24C

food: suitably sized insects like earthworms (chopped to size), flies mealworms (behead), crickets (dont leave in the vivarium for more than 15mins ish), grubs and waxworms

final advice release asap wild caught sals dont do well i captivity u did a good thing taking away from the polution and i hope u find a good home for it soon

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