Hank Haney: ESPN Golf Schools – The 3-Club Tour Reviews

Hank Haney: ESPN Golf Schools – The 3-Club Tour

Hank Haney: ESPN Golf Schools - The 3-Club Tour

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  • Highest Quality Recording

Hank Haney is one of the world’s finest golf instructors who has taught over 200 touring professionals from the PGA, LPGA and European, Japanese and Asian Tours. Hank’s students have won every major championship in both amateur and professional golf. In this remarkable DVD, Hank teaches you how to improve your game by focusing on the clubs that make up 75% of your score – the driver, wedge and putter – the three most important clubs in your bag. Based on the ESPN Golf School’s 3-Club Tour – a one-day golf instructional program – you’ll learn to drive, pitch, chip, putt, and play better golf. An excellent resource for golfers of all levels, this instructional series covers a wide range of topics, including:

Swing Plane
Set Up & The Grip
Set Up Posture
Set Up Alignment & Ball Position
The Backswing
The Top Of The Swing
The Downswing
The Follow-Through
The Full Swing
Pre-Shot Routines
Quick Fixes

Full Swing Wedge
Half Wedge
Pitch Shot
Lob Shot
Chip Shot
Sand Shot
Long Sand Shot
Buried Sand Shot

Distance Control
Directional Control
Impact Factors – Distance
Impact Factors – Direction
Putting Technique
Reading Greens
Pre-Shot Routine
Practice Drill – Impact
Practice Drill Distance

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