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Image . SantiMB. Badalona, ​​Barcelona (Spain) SortidazZ. Anise del Mono. Vu [27/02/2010] better . If ve mejor in a href target = “” rel = “nofollow”> Fluidr . Burroughs Adding Machine Class 1, model 9 (1898-1920). DEUTSCH The company Burroughs was one of the largest U.S. manufacturer of business equipment. The company was founded as a company Arithmometer American in 1886 and 1986 equated merger resulted in the creation Unisys. history of parallel many of the most important developments in computing. At its inception, it produces mechanical calculators, and later in programmable and computer records. And while it was one of the greatest manufacturers of mainframe computers in the world, Burroughs also produced related equipment, as well as typewriters and Drucker.In 1886 Arithmometer the American Society was founded in Missouri in St. Louis to produce and sell a calculating machine invented by William Seward Burroughs. In 1904, six years after the death of Burroughs, the company moved to Detroit and changed its name to the Burroughs Adding Machine Company. Soon the largest machine company was adding to Amerika.Im Over time Burroughs sold adding machines, including typewriters. But the biggest change in the history of the company came in 1953, the Burroughs Adding Machine Company was renamed the Burroughs Corporation and began move in IT products, primarily for banks. This movement started with Burroughs purchase in June 1956, the Electro Data Corporation in Pasadena, California, a spin-off of Consolidated Electrodynamics Corporation. Electro data Datatron had built the 205 and was on Datatron 220 working days.’s first major computer product that came out of this marriage was the B205 tube computer. A was produced in the late 1960s, D2000, D4000 range (also known computer TC500-terminal 500), who was a printer and a golf ball (80-bit) disk memory 1K. These were popular as branch terminals to the B5500 / 6500/6700 systems sold in the banking sector, where they were often related to non-Burroughs mainframes. Through these products Burroughs was also a wide range of control systems, generally as connections to a larger system as a angebracht.Die B1700 Burroughs Corporation developed three highly innovative architectures based the design philosophy of “design language directed.” Your machine instruction sets advocated one or more high-level languages ​​such as ALGOL, COBOL or FORTRAN. All three architectures were considered “main-frame” Maschinen.Viele of IT Class consider this series of computers to be technologically revolutionary. Stack oriented processors with a word length of 48 bits, where each word is defined as data or programs have contributed significantly to a safe operating environment, well before the spyware and computer virus was concerned. And modularity of these large systems is also unique: multiple processors, memory modules and multiple I / O processors and Data Comm allows a gradual growth and the cost of performance and reliability. In sectors such as banking, where continuous operation is required, the Burroughs large systems penetrated almost all major banks. Burroughs and built the backbone switching SWIFT [Society for Worldwide Financial Services Telecommunications], who sent his first message in 1977. Unisys is always the provider SWIFT heute.Im September 1986 Burroughs Corporation merged with Sperry form Unisys Corporation. Interestingly, the origins of Sperry and Burroughs in Philadelphia. Unisys has continued to grow than their predecessors, and that the market for mainframes declined Unisys has other lines of products betont.Mehr info: / wiki / Burroughs_Corporation —————————– ——- CASTELLANO The Corporación Burroughs creada EN 1886 Como fue American society Arithmometer s St. Louis, Missouri, Estados Unidos para la venta de las dedicarse a Máquinas sumadoras inventadas por William Seward Burroughs . La Compañía mudo a Detroit home in 1904 y su cambio NUMBER a Burroughs Adding Machine Company, in honor of a Burroughs Murio quien in 1898. Burroughs became the high Se más de fábrica sumadoras de los Estados Unidos para que más Aunque 1950 Vendia Calculadoras Basicas, Como por ejemplo Máquinas y escribir of Computadores.En 1953 Burroughs Adding Machine Company knew NUMBER Cambio y su Aumento a company Burroughs producción de productos of computación, todo sobre el área in bancaria. Decisión tomada esta fue después de la compra of Empresa Electro Data Company Pasadena, California, original elements División de una Consolidated Electrodynamics Corporation. Electronic data construído the había 205 Datatron there empezaba a trabajar in the Datatron 220 Product is Important start of the Unión de estas dos empresas fue el computador de Tubos B205 (o Válvulas of vacío). The Corporación Burroughs DESARROLLO very Arquitecturas Avanzadas, basadas in the notion del diseño por dirigido Como el lenguaje Algol, COBOL, Fortran o. Arquitecturas todas estas como eran consideradas Mainframes.Fuente:

2009-02-06 Steve Irwin collided with the Yushin Maru No. 3 golf balls direct image guano Steve Irwin suffers second collision with the Japanese fleet operational MusashiUpdate Ross Sea6. February 2009, 18.30 clock (Sydney time) 2330 hours (PST) (February 5th) 75 degrees 52 minutes north and 165 degrees 18 minutes West at 1800 hours, the harpoon Yushin Maru No. 1 and the Yushin Maru No.3 decided to run the Sea Shepherd blockade to transfer two dead whales on the deck of the Nisshin Maru whaling. The Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin was blocking the slipway to prevent the transfer to stop illegal Japanese Walfang.Da the Nisshin Maru attempted to dead whale, the Steve Irwin collided and the Yushin Maru No.3 hook on the starboard side of the Steve Irwin and the rear port side of the ship harpooner gather. “We told them not to continue their illegal hunting and we lock the rear block factory vessel,” said Captain Paul Watson. “You decided to test our resolve and apparently expected to retire when we must take into account before we transfer. “Captain Watson said the Steve Irwin was difficult under a barrage of metal objects, explosions, water cannons and control caused by the LRAD acoustic weapons that the whalers disorientation used advocates the environment. “I sound explosion that was used on us at close range dizzy.” said Captain Watson. “I must admit it was difficult to develop so that we focus on us.” “I never felt anything,” said Emily Hunter from Toronto, Canada. “It enters the body and can vibrate your muscles. It made me dizzy and left me a little dizzy. “The Steve Irwin has not suffered significant damage from the collision and no one was seriously injured. Some of the crew of Sea Shepherd was hit by golf balls and pieces of metal. crew of the Steve Irwin was able to determine if there is damage to the assassin Harpoon submarine Boot.Die two whales were sent after Steve Irwin stop fleet operations for twelve hours. “We’re going to try this as difficult as possible for them to continue their illegal activities,” said Molly Kendall from Adelaide, South Australia. “It is difficult to see them kill these whales and we are determined to do what we can possibly do to stop this terrible carnage.” The Steve Irwin is to tail the Nisshin Maru not try new transfers in an effort “I wish we did not have here in this dangerous situation, “hamper stop the illegal poaching of whales by the Japanese whaling fleet. said Captain Watson.” I have said many times that if agree in Australia or New Zealand , Japan to the International Court on this issue that we left. since international law is not applied, we have no choice but to do what we can with the resources we have, these whales endangered to defend in this established international whale sanctuary. “—————– Sea Shepherd crew to remain on guard behind the Nisshin Maru Update Ross Sea7. 20090700 February pm (Sydney) 1200 clock (PST) (February 5th) 75 degrees 57 minutes north and 164 degrees 53 minutes west, despite repeated Japanese whalers frustrated and increasingly violent attacks, leading the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin to keep behind the Japanese floating abattoir called the Nisshin Maru is. The three Japanese harpoon boats are not in the area, but the Sea Shepherd crew is ready, it should prevent the Japanese zurückkehren.Die accused Sea Shepherd trying their accessories with ropes yet the whalers have tried the same thing the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin do to intervene. They accused the Sea Shepherd crew to throw rancid butter (which the Japanese call “acid”) to them yet the whalers throw balls and pieces of metal on the Steve Irwin crew. In addition, the Japanese rays of the Sea Shepherd crew with water cannons and sound long-range weapons are -. Gun, the sound scenery, nausea and numbness caused “I find it interesting that so-called experts and politicians quickly tactics Sea Shepherd to maintain So condemns the law of conservation is still not a word about the physical violence climbing on us by the whalers, which are against the law to find, “said Captain Paul Watson.” Position party for poachers seems to be that if we do not put ourselves in this situation, we would not have the experience of this type of violence. The same could be said for all police officers and Sea Shepherd is not here to protest against hunting, we’re here to help down on illegal hunting under international conservation law. We are down here to enforce the law, not break it. “There is a precedent for Sea Shepherd action and that the UN World Charter for Nature to respect the non-governmental organizations, international law of conservation and § 21 (e) specifically können.Die in areas beyond national courts Japanese whale poachers have the advantage of faster than ships, powerful ships, they have weapons, and they have the support of their government to defend all their actions, including the murder of our team, if auftreten.Am February 6 occurred two incidents where the Steve Irwin collides with the harpoon vessels as they forced their way through the blockade Steve Irwin in pursuit of their poaching. These collisions were not the will of Sea Shepherd. “We used to have filmed a whale illegally killed, and we saw how Wal endured an agonizing death, struck in his own blood for 25 minutes,” said Captain Watson. “We see the killing of these whales as cold-blooded murder, and we do what we can bound inflicted wounds shortly before, to protect our defense, gentle, intelligent and socially complex beings.” Have not the harpoon Nisshin Maru be returned since the last incident occurred at 18:00 on 6 Februar.Die Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has made it clear to the government of Australia that our interventions more dangerous because of Japanese aggression of Peter Garrett and Kevin Rudd simply make their promises before the elections to the Japanese whalers can be avoided in court. “Because Garrett and Rudd have broken their promise to us, the people of Australia, we have been forced to defend the whales as Australian citizens in this remote and hostile waters, just because someone has to, “said Andrew Perry of Hobart, Tasmania. ——————- —— Read the letter from Dalai Lama News Videos Flickr group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Flickr photo during water Sea Shepherd Brasil

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