How much power do you think the famous Rothschild’s family really has?

Question by Utopian Libotomy: How much power do you think the famous Rothschild’s family really has?
How far does the influence of people like Nathan Rothschild go? How long has this family, or similar elite families been influencing world history? Does this “conspiracy” go all the way back to 3000 BC Egypt? I am not, personally, discrediting it by labeling it a conspiracy.

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Answer by Sigi H
I would rather say the infamous Rothchild family. They are VERY powerful pulling so many international strings it’s not funny anymore. Many governments are indebted to them. I don’t think they go back to 3000BC….. never heard of that. That would be the time of the first dynasties in Egypt.

How long have these powerful families influenced world politics/history? Close to 500 years. The Rothchilds started out in Europe, especially France and then England. To a good deal they dictate the fiscal policies of Western nations.

EDIT – I copied this for you…
A small number of extremely wealthy people, descendants of wealthy
families in Europe and the U.S, own a major part of the material wealth
of the world. This power is concentrated in London which is the centre
of the world banking system. The control they exercise is kept within
the original families and passed down from generation to generation.
They are highly organised, operating in secret through a web of
‘private’ organisations. At the bottom, you will find their names.

This group is known as the Global Elite.

Their wealth is accumulating on a compound basis. They determine the
course of history, through virtual control of the world economy.

They are working to a ‘grand plan’ which is now well-advanced.

The common reaction of people when first hearing of the global elite and
their operations is one of disbelief and a refusal to give the claim
credibility as it appears so outrageous. But during the last few years
there has been an increasing volume of books, articles and essays, all
with the same story. All are based on well-documented research. The
information revealed is consistent with the events of recent history,
leaving no room for doubt. It is the “New World Order” taking shape –
the Global Elite strategy.

For our purposes. the concentration of control over financial resources
started with the Industrial Revolution. The 18th century saw the
emergence and rapid rise of the House of Rothschild – the largest and
most powerful financial empire – built on money embezzled by Mayer
Amschel Bauer (later Rothschild) from William IV, who had stolen it from
the soldiers he had hired out to the British government to fight
Napoleon’s armies. Rothschild sent the money to England, bought vast
quantities of gold from the East Indian Company, used this to finance
the Duke of Wellington’s exploits and, working through the Brotherhood
network, manipulated governments and created wars and revolutions. He
lent money to both sides of the conflicts in what became a standard
practice of the banking elite. Rothschild’s influence can hardly be
overstated, for it was the precursor of today’s vast transnational
corporations and banking empires which have extended their control to
the four corners of Earth in the long-term agenda of the Brotherhood. As
Historian John Reeves puts it:

Little could Mayer Amschel have anticipated that his sons would in ‘after
years’ come to exercise such an unbounded sway that the peace of nations
would depend upon their nod; that the powerful control they exercised on
the European money markets would enable them to pose as the arbiters of
peace and war, since they could at their pleasure withhold or furnish
the percuniary [sic] means required to carry on a campaign.
THEY DO HANG ON these rich boys:

But this, incredible as it may seem, was what their vast influence,
combined with their enormous wealth and unlimited credit, enabled them
to do, for no firms existed strong enough to oppose them for any length
of time, or rash enough to take up a business which the Rothschilds had
refused. To reach this exulted position, Mayer Amschel and his sons
required the cooperation of the states, but, when once he had climbed
over their banks and reached the height of his ambition, he was
independent of all aid and could act with the greatest freedom, whilst
the states remained in a suppliant attitude at his feet.

The Rothschild approach was reportedly summed up by Mayer Amschel
himself: “Give me control of a nation’s currency and I care not who
makes the laws.” When Rothschild’s son Nathan died, his eldest son,
Lionel, took over, making massive loans to the British and American
governments and others, including some $ 80 million to Britain to finance
the Crimea War. Lionel was succeeded by the second Nathan, the first
Lord Rothschild, who took his seat in the House of Lords in 1885. He
became the governor of the Bank of England (the Old Lady of Threadneedle
Street) with unlimited power over the world’s financial system. That
power has not diminished – far from it – it has simply expanded with new
empires like that of Morgan and Rockefeller, so that in the closing
decade of this century the power and the control of the world’s
financial system behind its many ‘fronts’ is completely in the hands of
the Global Elite and is enormous.

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