Q&A: How do I keep my face from getting oily?

Question by [quarantine]: How do I keep my face from getting oily?
I wash my face frequently with facial cleaners in the morning, when I get home, and at night. But throughout the day it gets oily again. I dont have time to go wash my face, wiping doesn’t always help either. The cleaners dry it out, so at first Im good but its slowly regails oil. How can I prevent this, without having to wash my face frequently between the morning and when I get home in the afternoon?

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Answer by cheekycreative
Hi Sal!
Cleansing is great to clean your skin of oil build up and dirt, but it also strips away the natural oils that your skin creates. This means it works over time to replace them – so your face is getting oily quicker.

Buy yourself a good moisturiser and use it after cleansing. It will replace the lost oils with the hydration your skin needs, so it won’t be madly trying to put back what you took away.

If you’re still getting little oil build ups during the day, try not to touch your face too much. Contact makes your skin secrete more oils. You could also try dabbing problem spots such as your chin and around your nose with a tissue if you need to – but moisturing should fix you up!

Don’t stress about it too much – a little oil is fine, it gives us a healthy glow 🙂

Good luck!

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