How do I find cheap accommodation in Clayton area?

Question by NIC: How do I find cheap accommodation in Clayton area?
Hi, I will need accommodation in Clayton or near Clayton area soon. How do I search for affordable room (bathroom shared only with one other person or private bathroom)? I am located overseas and will need the room for 2 months. Realestate/domain website listings are expensive. My budget is only $ 130 or less (with bills included). Please help.

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Answer by sandiemay01
If you look on and put in under shaRE accomodation and enter the prices you can go up to you should find some places there to ask about.

i found some..
also think to enter some of the surrounding suburbs like Mt Waverley, Nottinghill, Oakleigh, Clayton North , Clayton South Huntingdale etc
It is close to the university there so there is always places emptying and changes made, but don’t wait too late to see to it as it will be booked up with next years students otherwise.

also you may try looking in the local papers for people who want to rent out 1 room to a border. might help

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