72 Golf Tips & Instant Fixes Fore Beginners Reviews

72 Golf Tips & Instant Fixes Fore Beginners

72 Golf Tips & Instant Fixes Fore Beginners

The average beginner doesn’t have time to take many lessons, read detailed instruction books, or groove their swing on the range. What they need is an instant fix or a piece of knowledge they can access right away. This concise guide of 72 tips will arm the novice golfer with the expertise needed to improve their scores literally overnight. The majority of these tips don’t require any practice, so once you’ve read them they can start turning your game around and saving you shots.

These nuggets of wisdom have been organised into the following easy reference categories:

– The Long Game
– The Short Game
– Putting
– Course Management (including how to escape from trouble)
– The Mental Game
– Avoiding Common Mistakes

Readers will probably smile to themselves as they recognise the familiar scenarios described in this guide which is written in a humorous but informative manner. Only quality advice has been included so there are no patronising tips or fillers. What’s more there is a full explanation of what issue is being addressed, what the fix is, and why it works (without getting too heavy or technical).


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