How can I look up recent home sales in my area?

Question by indiechick: How can I look up recent home sales in my area?
We are planning on selling our house in the spring and have already spoken with a real estate agent. She mentioned some recent home sales in the area and how we should price our home according to what has sold and for how much. Is this something that is available to the public or do you have to be a real estate agent to view recent sales in the area? Where can I find what has sold in my area?
I tried zillow and it come up with zero results :-/

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Answer by Simpson G
Your county assessor’s office should have that. It’s easier just to get your agent to print out all the comps in the area and then you can set a price based on those.

You may also be able to find some of this information on

Edit: If you found zero results, then you may not be doing it correctly. Enter your address on the home page. Then when it switches to the map view, you can click on “similar sold”. If nothing comes up on that, then you indivudally click on each house and it will show you when it sold and for what.

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