Almond More Than a Nut – Almonds recipes !

Almond More Than a Nut – Almonds recipes !

Almond More Than a Nut - Almonds recipes !

Whether you are dieting because you want to look like Americas next Top Model, or simply want to live a healthy lifestyle, the key to both is eating, well, healthy! A balanced healthy diet includes healthy portion sizes, enough fruits and vegetables to empty out Whole Foods or the corner market, proteins, etc. One very nutritional item to add to your grocery list is almonds. Yes, nuts are very healthy for you and aren’t just for the squirrels running around like maniacs. Before you go to the store and just stare at the selections, let’s get the basics down on just why you should purchase these treats, and just how you can make them to your liking (if popping a regular old almond in your mouth doesn’t exactly enthrall you) !

Get this small primer now and find out more about almonds:

1. Intro
2. Almond nutrition facts
3. Almond history
4. Protein in almonds
5. Chocolate covered almonds
6. Organic almonds
7. Toasted / roasted almonds
8. Storing almonds- how long before they go bad
9. Dieting and how almonds promote weight loss
10. On The Go 100 calorie packs and their nutritional facts
11. Alternatives to trailmix
12. How to grind almonds without losing the precious oils1
13. Honey roasted sweet almonds
14. Ground vs chopped almonds
15. Butter almonds


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