What is the key t be sucessful at new home sales?

Question by 2ManyQuestions: What is the key t be sucessful at new home sales?
I have been a mortgage loan officer for about 2 years now. I just got hired for a new homes sales job. The market in my city is doing pretty well as far as the sales. My questions is.. if there is anyone in the business out there….What is the key to be successful in the new home sales business out there? I love new challenges and have always taken big chances in life..i am pretty adventurous….so this is my chance that i am taking…any tips?

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Answer by Real Estate Guy
you are only selling one product. Know this product inside and out. Know how the homes are built and makes your builder better then others.

Know loans and financing programs.
Know about construction and be able to explain this in detail as needed.

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