Puppy for Sale: $6010.00 or best offer (see story below)

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Puppy for Sale: 10.00 or best offer (see story below)
golf shoe sale
Image by Steve took it
I think it was the missing golf ball that started everyone down the wrong path. Yes, the golf ball was missing, and yes the goofy puppy had been playing with it before he started coughing. But the X-ray found no evidence whatsoever of a foreign body in his system, and the gnarled golf ball was found behind the sofa a week or two later. Still, the false label stuck. Keegan was a pretty good dog but you had to watch him close as he was goofy enough to eat a golf ball.

So I guess it was only natural that when he really did get sick a few weeks later, the first question asked was "what did he eat this time?"

The poor guy lost his appetite, threw up, had blood in his stool and started doing what looked like a yoga pose aptly named "downward facing dog." The vet explained that a dog does those poses when experiencing stomach pain. The second X-ray in his 5 short months of life was also negative for golf balls, but did show some suspicious gas bubbles and an enlarged area in the intestine. The diagnosis seemed logical: the dog swallowed some kind of inorganic object that was stuck in there and blocking his normal flow. Man, you have to keep your eye on that goofy dog all the time.

The choice was either to go in for exploratory surgery to see what if anything was in there clogging up the works, or hang in there and see if poor Keegan could pass whatever he swallowed this time. So hang in there we did.

My job was to follow Keegan around the back yard and observe when he had a bowel movement, then collect, categorize, and communicate the consistency, quantity and color of said movement. My favorite part was to carefully inspect the specimen for even a partial sign that part of whatever he swallowed was coming through.

It was one thing to complete this chore during the day, but night would find me in a robe and tennis shoes carrying around a baggie, spoon and flashlight, following Keegan back and forth in the backyard hoping for a little action. You can’t believe how badly I hoped his diarrhea would subside. My friends started a pool on what it was that I would finally discover in one of the smelly baggies. Speculation ranged from a partial corn cob to a sock. We all agreed Keegan was goofy enough to eat anything.

You would be amazed at all the subtle and not-so-subtle variations there are in dog crap when you are actually looking for it, and when your dog is sick. I understand that Eskimos have several dozen words to describe the many variations of snow, but I only knew one or two to describe poop. So I would resort to describing Keegan’s output in terms of chocolate milk, chocolate malt, chocolate cake batter, Nickelodeon green slime, partially formed soggy cigars, etc.

Unfortunately after several days, nothing of substance poked through, and Keegan lost several pounds. His third X-ray was still troublesome but not definitive. Both the X-rays and dog were sent to the MedVet emergency facility for reading and observation. After much consideration it was determined things had probably moved in there just a bit, so we cautiously decided to give nature a little longer and hope Keegan’s digestive system could still pass whatever was in there. And I resumed poop patrol.

The vets and receptionists and interns and surgeons were very good at keeping us up to date on options as well as costs. The running total for physicals and tests and X-rays and fluids and pills and time in observation grew so fast it was almost comical. The running total was well over a thousand dollars when I pointed out I could put him down, buy a brand new healthy AKC purebred and be money ahead. That gallows humor didn’t even get a brief smile.

For a while the second week of patience and special foods and pills seemed to be working. Keegan would get his energy back and look pretty good, and then be back to no energy and yoga poses hours later. And several times wishful thinking had me convinced that surgery had been avoided. But by the end of the week he was worse.

His fourth X-ray was difficult to read because Keegan had lost so much weight there was no fat available to provide contrast. The next suggestion was for 350 dollars worth of ultrasound. Keegan was looking pitiful, and I was already pot-committed, so off he went for some quality time of renting $ pecial rooms and receiving $ pecial attention. An hour or so later the vet came back and proclaimed he had good news and bad news.

The good news is they had found the cause of Keegan’s illness. The bad news was the cause of Keegan’s illness.

Turns out Keegan had once again not eaten something he shouldn’t have. Instead, the problem was identified as an intussusception, where the small intestine collapses inside the large intestine. Painful stuff! And Keegan had been stoic while we labored under false impressions. So we paid the two thousand dollars they asked for up front as a partial deposit on the surgery, and petted the poor guy goodbye.

Because the small intestine was in there so long, it was being digested by the large. They had to split him from stem to stern, yank the small intestine out, hack it off, chop the dead part out, and tie it back on to the large intestine with a few staples here and there to keep it from falling in the large intestine again. We got him back a day or so later sewed up, doped up, beat up and dazed. He must have seen the final bill as well.

It is unfortunate that everyone went down the wrong path and assumed he had eaten something that caused a blockage, instead of doing the surgery sooner. But we caught it in time. He hates wearing the "cone of shame", but doesn’t seem to mind the pain pills, anti-acid pills, or stool-hardening powder sprinkled over his special diet dog food. And now it looks like he is well on the road to recovery.

So there’s the deal. Six thousand ten dollars or best offer. I flip my puppy in four months for a ten dollar profit, and you get a pretty good dog. But you have to watch him as he is goofy enough to eat a golf ball.

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golf shoe sale
Image by capn madd matt
Don behind the lens of the Sony cybershot…Mike & Pete on route.

Garage Sale Items: 99% of this is gone. Huzzah.
golf shoe sale
Image by kristiewells
This is only a bit of the stuff we culled from our house to sell.

Have furniture (queen bed frame, dressers, chairs), clothing, shoes, CDs, videos, golf equipment, office furniture (desk, chairs), fabric, VCR, DVD player, two TVs, blankets, pillows, computer equipment, kitchen wares, etc. we will be selling on Saturday, August 2nd. Whatever does not sell will be donated. Clutter be gone.

Will be nice to be able to park a car here again…one day.


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