Judy & Paulette on Panama City, Florida Street

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Judy & Paulette on Panama City, Florida Street
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Image by Old Shoe Woman
Mother took this picture of my older sister (by 5 years) and me on a city street corner in Panama City, Florida while on a one-night motel vacation from northern Georgia in August 1962. It was less than one month before my 14th birthday. Mother made the red-polka-dotted top that I am wearing. I never grew any taller after this; I just got fatter some years later. 🙁 Boy, I wish I could fit into these clothes now!
Taken with a Kodak Brownie Starmatic film camera. B&W was much cheaper.

See the photo of Goofy Golf on Panama City Beach: www.flickr.com/photos/judybaxter/20108348/

Cincinnati Mills Mall – Interior View
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Image by J. Stephen Conn
At first glance Cincinnati Mills looks a lot like the other half dozen or so malls around Cincinnati. However, upon a closer look one notices that this one has a different twist. Like the others, Cincinnati Mills is big and bright, with sparkling fountains and scores of shops. Unlike the others, it is not anchored on each end with a major department store.

The primary Anchors for Cincinnati Mills just happen to be two of my favorite stores. On the west end is Outdoor World, by Bass Pro Shop. They major in fishing and hunting supplies and I don’t hunt and seldom fish. However Outdoor World also has a very good camping department, and being an avid camper I have shopped there often. Also, they carry a good line of sturdy, durable casual clothing and much of my travel wardrobe comes from there.

On the east end of Cincinnati Mills is Biggs – a BIG discount and grocery store on the order of a Super Wal-Mart. You can get most anything there, and at a better price than most other places.

In between are dozens and dozens of smaller shops. There are a few of the trendy name-brand outlets you might see in other malls, however this mall also has more independent one-of-a-kind shops than you’ll normally find in a mall. Maybe the rent is cheaper here.

Cincinnati Mills also has a children’s amusement area, complete with roller coaster and other rides. You can also play indoor miniature golf, take ballroom dancing lessons, watch a movie, or do other interesting things here.

Sometimes when the weather is too cold, too hot, or too wet, I do my daily walking indoors, and for that this is the best mall in Cincinnati. It is huge, on two levels, and usually not crowded.

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