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Robert A. F. Thurman on BUDDHISM, Ep. 2, The Dharma, instant play, Buddhism in Western culture, lecture, multiple metaphors, root means to hold, law, duty, thing, Buddhadharma holds you apart from suffering, teaching, understanding, Nirvana
meaning of wealth
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The Buddha’s primary message is that reality is freedom from suffering, it is happiness, because you realize it, or discover it to be – Nirvana. Just by believing Buddha’s teachings isn’t enough, you have to experience it. Profound, deep, peaceful, untroubled, luminous, uncreated, like an elixir of immortality…

"Always give a free lunch to yogis you meet in the forest" – the Buddha met merchants first after he gained enlightenment. The world is still working on converting to a merchant based society and away from a military / industrial complex or kings / warrior way of wealth distribution.

In terms of persons – Noble means selfless. Common means rigidly self-centered.

Unenlightened life is suffering – this is the first of the 4 Noble Truths, not all is suffering.

Before the Stairs Start – Comfort and Wealth
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The village of Kea on the islad is nested at the top of a hill and hugs both slopes on either side of it. Its streets are steep, narrow, and most of them stepped. Their pattern is random and meandering, labyrinthine with sudden turns and dead ends. The location of the village, the size, shape and pattern of its streets make it fully accessible only on foot, partially accessible on hoof and only a small portion of it at its preiphery by car or bike. Such grading of accessibility is a good example of "filtered permeability" ( see Wiki article), a concept applied to this type of differentiation between means of movement.

The top of the hill house owners are spared the steep climb through the village streets. They use the "peripheral" road that reaches the hill top and then go down a winding short street to their front door just before the street-stairs start; only they who can afford to buy a car can enjoy that comfort.

Roger rolls in money (t+3)
meaning of wealth
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Dear diary. Quite some time ago I’ve heard of a supposed ancestor of mine who was called Duck, Dagobert Duck, as I recall. He was credited with immense wealth. One of his traditional habits was his everyday swim in his money storage. As he became very old I thought that this might be due to this daily ritual of his. So I had to give it a try.
Let me tell you: Pleasure is a different feeling.

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