What makes a person suited to a role in wealth management?

Question by Joe: What makes a person suited to a role in wealth management?
What makes a person suited to a role in wealth management?

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Answer by Angie
Wealth management requires you to put yourself in the shoes of the person wishing to acquire the wealth. You need to listen to their requirements and their attitude to risk, as well as understanding the timeframe they have in mind, in order to evaluate the right strategy for them – and not what you yourself would do for yourself.

You’ll need strong maths and analytical skills, the ability to get on well with people so they feel confident in your abilities and they trust you.

You’ll need a certain amount of entrepreneurial skill too as you will need to bring together your knowledge to create wealth in sometimes innovative ways, to spot niches and opportunities.

A strong work ethic is essential; it’s simply not good enough to have a ‘Devil May Care’ attitude or to lie in bed thinking it doesn’t matter if you go to work today. Being responsible for the wealth of others is an important job.

You’ll need to be a good multi-tasker and be able to meet deadlines. Meticulously following procedures and filling out paperwork is also essential – there will be a lot of legislative compliance you need to adhere to. Everything you do will be accountable and your files will need to be conside and complete in case there is ever any question or checks done on your work.

If you have a business or financial background already, then these would be good skills you could bring to the role.

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