Where to find green coffee beans?

Question by KHan: Where to find green coffee beans?
I would like to know where to buy fresh green coffee beans, other than online stores. Are there popular grocery stores or organic stores that sell them?

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Answer by UR Personal HairStylist Amanda
Yes there is and starbucks(yuck) and tulley’s does too(yuck) i suggest whole foods store, and fred meyer’s just start out with a columbia. But i don’t know where you live either and fred meyer’s is in the west. I work at Moxie Java out of Boise, Idaho we are a big company here and our beans are fair trade and totally fresh I hate coffee that is older than two weeks it’s not the best.

OMG I found an awesome site for green coffee beans and they are FRESH it is impossible to find fresh!
And go to there organic fair trade kind. These guys guarantee there freshness!! So just make sure you order it in whole bean and get a personal grinder at home for the best taste.

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