6 Super Ways To Cleanse Your Body (Detox Diet)

6 Super Ways To Cleanse Your Body (Detox Diet)

6 Super Ways To Cleanse Your Body (Detox Diet)

Detox Diet sets a new precedent in the wellness field.

So many books go on to say how to detox but few books, like the Detox Diet are solely dedicated to why and how we need to detox! – Mary L. Peters creator of Wellness in the Wise and Fast & Sexy Wellness.

The Detox Diet series is a remarkable transformation for your life, health and spirituality. I will never deal with life the same way after reading all 5 volumes. These books were earth shattering. I feel like I am a whole new woman. Kelly is a breath of fresh air. If you want to know what it is like to sit down and chat with her, read her books. She is as real as it gets. – Pamela Douglass author of Having An Intimate Relationship With Yourself

Kelly Colby is one of the brightest, up-and-coming wellness researchers today. – MaryAnn Higgins Ph.D.

Product Description:

Wellness expert, beauty advocate, and Fountain of Youth discoverer, Kelly Colby, belongs to the Amazon Best Seller club. Kelly has helped celebrities, professionals, moms, dads, teens and children understand what is going on in the world around them and how best to help the body.

Kelly found the hidden Fountain of Youth in the body through stem cell research. That research sparked the exploration into detoxification, environment, food, emotions, thoughts and how this impacted our vitality and aging.

Detox Diet, 6 Super Ways To Cleanse Your Body Vol. 3 is part of a micro-ebook series created by Kelly Colby in response to the need to educate people on the what is going on inside their body and why.

This micro-ebook takes you through the 6 best ways to cleanse your body on many levels. This micro-ebook contains amazing secrets to rejuvenating your body. Other volumes in this ebook series go on to give how tos in purifying and healing the body. This book is for people wanting to know how to expertly cleanse your body of the toxins built up in the body that lead to ill health and aging.

Make sure you check out the other ebooks in this series (volumes 1-5) to really get a full picture on how you can begin to turn on your own fountain of youth.

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Detox Diet Book

Detox Diet Book

Detox Diet Book: The Detox Diet Guide for Detoxing for Health. Detox Cleanse for your Optimum Detoxification Health.

When you are looking for the best detox diet recipes, you will find this e-book contains such a variety that you may have a hard time choosing. A five-day detox diet menu is also included to make it much simpler for you to follow a cleansing diet that will have you feeling much better in no time. The best body detox diets focus on the overall well-being as well as ridding the body of harmful toxins. This e-book provides you with an easy detox diet that includes many choices for snacks to keep you from feeling ‘empty.’ When using a detox diet recipe from the Detox Diet e-book, you will also have several choices of ingredients that can be added to satisfy your taste. If you do not care for a particular food, simply substitute another more desirable choice.

Before starting your detox diet, you owe it to yourself to check out the food detox diet choices found here. After all, you want to choose from the best detox diet for your needs. All detox diets are not alike and the recipes contained in the Detox Diet e-book will allow you a number of tasty choices, lessening the chance that you will abandon your diet. The main goal of a good detox diet is to help you to rid your body of dangerous toxins. By giving you a number of choices for salads, breakfasts, lunch and dinner, drinks such as smoothies and more and even energy snacks, you are far more likely to stick with the detox diet and reap the benefits.

Choose from a variety of recipes – salads, soups, sandwiches, main dishes, snacks and more – and put together a detox diet menu that will suit your needs or use a suggested menu. You will be on your way to a healthier you!


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