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www.ridgefilms.com.au If you’re promoting your business on the web then a professional marketing video is crucial. Otherwise it’s like being a store window where people look but nobody buys. Also online attention is scarce so you need to get to the point quickly – so how can we help you? Ridge Films will work with you to understand the most important messages for your audience and how to keep the viewer’s attention for the length of your video. We have creative teams that bring together all the elements needed during the production. Our crews specialise in TV commercial advertising, internet advertising, digital strategy and online video marketing. Once your video is complete, you will have a visually interesting and highly targeted marketing tool, that provides a tangible result to your business. Your audience will be better informed of your products and services even before they contact you. You will make a positive first impression that not only increases sales but reduces communication costs. Take a look at more marketing videos or save yourself time browsing by calling us now!
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Integrated Wealth Management Image Film

Integrated Wealth Management an investment advisory firm based with offices in Los Angeles and Palm Springs was seeking a unique marketing tool that would compliment their sophisticated brand. When coming to Point7West, Integrated Wealth Management had specific goals for their image film to accomplish: let potential clients know who they are, what they do, and that it was okay to put their trust in their well-respected and established company. When it comes to handling your money, trust is the most important part of any relationship. Their credible financial advisors have the experience to handle the needs of high net-worth families, corporations and non-profit foundations and an image film is a great way to build that trust. Integrated Wealth Management came to Point7West, knowing that video can play an important role in reaching more clients, both locally and nationally. With a history of developing videos that focus on trust, Point7West was able to create a sharp, customized image film to help expand their marketing campaign. Upon completion, we also created an informative, yet concise 60-second commercial for broadcast. Become our fan on Facebook: www.facebook.com/point7west.inc

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