Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers (127593) – Black

Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers (127593) – Black

Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers (127593) - Black

  • Low mass, wide bandwidth driver for precision response
  • Black chrome all-metal housing eliminates vibration for pure sound
  • Monster sound isolating eartips in multiple sizes provide a perfect fit to seal out noise
  • Tangle-resistant cable design
  • MicroStrand cable for extended frequency response

What Critics Are Saying About Monster Turbine

  • “Looks like Monster is doing more than just diversifying itself: It is serious about being a player in the headphone market.” –David Worthington, Technologizer
  • “We got a chance to try them out for ourselves and they are indeed very powerful and with an amazing amount of clarity for in-ear headphones…from the time we’ve spent so far with them – they’re worth every penny.” –Helena Stone, Chip Chick
  • “Monster’s Turbine in-ear headphone delivers excellent sound quality, with strong bass; robust, all metal construction; handsome carry case.” –Steve Guttenberg,
  • “Monster hit their mark with the Turbines and listeners, both casual and discerning, will be satisfied with both their quality and value.” –Sal Cangeloso,
  • “All in all, the Turbines are a nice entry into the in-ear headphone arena by Monster, and fantastic sound quality for the price—just make sure your music lives up to their high standards.” –Benny Goldman,
  • “…big sound, good bass, and comfort that you’d expect from full size high-end speakers.” –Richard M. Sherwin,
  • “How do they sound? In a word, fantastic.” –Aric Annear, End User
  • “At last, killer ear buds!” –Tommy Shaw, Styx
  • “When paired with any of my portable devices (or non-portable ones for that matter) the Turbines sounded great. As promised, they deliver better bass than almost any other product at the price level, balanced out by solid mids and pretty clear highs. If volume is an issue for you, don’t worry, the Turbines can get quite loud without distortion, a feat that many in-ear headphones cannot accomplish.” — Sal Cangeloso,
  • “… let’s do talk about sound. It’s stellar. Monster calls these “in-ear speakers” instead of “in-ear headphones” because they feel the sound is that good, and it’s not far from that. The audio is clear and full with impressive (but not muddy) bass for both music and games; sometimes annoyingly so, but that’s my own fault. Remember when you thought a 128 kbps bit rate was fine for your MP3s? You’re going to be paying for that with these headphones, because you’ll definitely hear all of the imperfections. It’s a fair trade-off, though, because you’ll also hear bits of your music that are lost on cheaper headphones.”– Kirk Hiner,
  • The Turbine Pros are surely the best ear-bud-type headphones I’ve heard and ones I could be happy with for years to come. The Turbines are stylish, perform strongly across the board, are comfortable and built to last.– Todd Whitesel, Audio Video Revolution
  • List Price: $ 179.95

    Price: $ 79.00

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